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  1. About the workshop


Would you like to try your hand and learn how to tattoo? Maybe you have already tried and just need someone to help you to spread your wings? In that case the workhop is dedicated to YOU.


We will show you the whole process of tattooing, starting with the well-designed project, then going through the different techniques, which are going to help you 

to achive a desired effect on the skin. 


During the workshop you will learn:


  • how to prepare your client as well as yourself to the whole tattooing process – empathy towards the client’s needs, probing his/her needs and creating them into the project;


  • how to choose proper work tools – types of tattooing machines and differences beetween them;


  • how to follow health and hygiene rules to ensure your and your future clients’ safety during the tattooing process;


  • what makes a perfect project;


  • how to build a relationship with your client based on mutual trust;


  • how to turn your passion into your work – useful tips on building a trustworthy personal brand.

In short – you don’t have to worry about anything – just show up with your talent and open mind. 


We promise not only to provide you with an unforgettable atmosphere for your personal developement, but also ensure great food and comfortable accommodation.


Keep in mind, that each workshop participant will receive a beautiful, brand new tattooing machine as

a gift. Isn’t it great?! See you...


Where: Gdańsk, 80-862, ul.Stara Stocznia 6/7

Number of participants in a group:   4 – 5

Number of hours: 32 hours in total, 4 days/8 didactic hours

Price: 12.000 PLN

Accommodation: Blue Mandarin apartments

Meals: FALOVIEC restaurant catering

2. Purpose of the workshop

The purpose of the workshop is easy – you will learn everything we have learned for last 20 years of our tattooing. During the workshop you will learn about
the tattooing technique. You will find out how to transfer a created project from the piece of paper onto the skin.


We will talk about different tattooing methods and techniques, tools and materials as well as the respect for the whole process and the client. We will also talk about probing our client’s needs and adjusting the project to those needs. There will be plenty of practical information about the working space, distances between stands, client and tatooist comfort during the tattooing process.


We will also mention how important it is to build trust with your client through simple things as a talk, atmosphere, music, coffee etc.

And many more...


3. Workshop recipients


The workshop is addressed to two groups of people:


  • the beginners who have never had any experience with the tattooing machines or just tried a bit and want to learn the basics of the craft;


  • more advanced participants, who wish to develop their skills and take advantage of our long experience.


We would also like to inform, that it is NOT a drawing workshop and you will be required to have the skills already.


4. Workshop benefits

Our tattoo artists will share their experience and knowledge with you and help you to systematise this knowledge. The workshop is designed to give you the solid basis for tattooing.

After the workshop you will know:

  • ​​what types of tools you will need;

  • how to prepare yourself for the whole process;

  • how to consult your client;

  • how to build trust;

  • how to prepare your workplace;

  • how to prepare a project/design;

  • how to transfer the project onto the skin;

  • how to deal with the client;

  • how to take a good care of the client;

  • how to clean your work stand after your work is finished;

  • how to set up your tattoo machine, connect the power supply and the foot pedal;

  • health and safety regulations;

  • various tattooing techniques;

  • various types of tattooing needles and how to use them;

  • law regulations about tattooing.

5. Workshop programme

Theoretical aspects:


  • LECTURE I  –  client needs/expectations probing – preparation, trust, responsibility; 

  • LECTURE II  –  safely and without surprises - health and safety regulations;

  • LECTURE III –  body – the world’s most beautiful canvas;

  • LECTURE IV –  tools;

  • LECTURE V  -  searching for inspiration – tattooing techniques throughout the years;

  • LECTURE VI – my passion – my work.

Practical aspects:

  • arranging and cleaning your working space;

  • preparing your own project/design;

  • transferring the projects onto the skin;

  • practising fake skin tattooing – various techniques: contours, fillings, realism, dotwork, watercolor, blackwork, fineline, oldschool.

6. A certificate of completion

A participant who completes the workshop will receive the certificate of participation/completion - “Ritual&Craft Monkey Mandala Tattoo Workshop”

7. Workshop leader

Kuba Świątek – 24 years of tattooing, 17 years of running his own tattoo studio gathering talented tattoo artists.

Thousands of projects and satisfied clients all over the world, dozens of well trained adepts are his great achievement. Kuba is a self-taught artist. He mainly uses realism in his work but improvisation is what defines his sensibility the best. 
It’s an inseparable element of his work. The idea of tattooing came to him naturally following his love for painting, graphics and nature. Nowadays Kuba uses different styles and combines them together. 
Years of experiance let Kuba develop his own tattooing style and ways of contact with the client. 
What he values the most is trust, energy and working with people seeking his style.
     The artist also expresses himself through the music. He took part in various musical projects as

a drummer, multi-instrumentalist and vocalist.

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